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Beijing PRI-ECO Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic provider of instrument equipment, system solutions and consulting services. Founded in 2007, it is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing and has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification. It is mainly engaged in the independent research and development of relevant instruments and equipment in the fields of ecological environment, plant physiology, soil geology, agriculture, forestry and hydrology, civil aviation meteorology, environmental remote sensing, and the promotion, sales and technical service of foreign well-known instruments and equipment in mainland China.

The company has unswervingly promoted scientific and technological innovation and independent R & D, established a high-quality R & D team with rich experience in instrument R & D and exquisite application knowledge, and together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other partners, it has successively won the support of major instrument and equipment R & D projects of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and achieved remarkable results, and developed a series of self-developed instruments The patented products with main intellectual property rights fill in the international and domestic gaps. Related products include but are not limited to rhizoscan in situ root scanner, ips-1000 isotopic photosynthetic measurement system, pri-3000 water vacuum extraction system, pri-350014c sample preparation system, pri-8400 underground closed-circuit soil profile analysis system, pri-8500 underground profile analysis system, pri-8600 Road soil respiration and community photosynthesis measurement system, pri-8650 laboratory soil respiration measurement system, pri-8700 online flow soil respiration measurement system, pri-8800 full-automatic variable temperature soil respiration (isotope) measurement system, metlog scientific research meteorological station, etc. relevant products have been installed and operated in many units of China's Ecosystem Research Network CERN, and have been unanimously praised by users.

The company attaches great importance to the introduction of international advanced instruments and equipment. Through more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, it has successively obtained world-famous instruments such as AMBA scientific B.V., PEM in the United States, ap2e in France, NCT in Italy, CSS in the United Kingdom, AGT in the United States, apix in France, hydroinnova in the United States, hydroprobe in France, UIC in the United States, ASI in the United States, tec5 in Germany, micasense in the United States, E-test in Poland, mirico in the United Kingdom and picarro in the United States The company has the exclusive (core) agency in China and set up relevant technical service centers. Meanwhile, it has reached a long-term strategic development cooperation agreement with thermofisher and PerkinElmer in the United States, aiming to provide customers with scientific and reliable system solutions within the professional scope.

The company attaches great importance to product application training and pre-sale and after-sale service support. It has invested nearly ten million yuan to set up an open laboratory and passed the CMA certification, to explore sample analysis and testing methods, to provide pre-sale and after-sale technical support, to participate in the development of national standards, etc.; it has set up a professional technical support service team, to adhere to the service concept of "scientific, rigorous, fast and efficient", to provide customers with Provide 7 × 24-hour quick response and all-round technical support, assist customers to formulate the best equipment configuration required in scientific research, discuss the design of scientific research scheme, analyze scientific research data, inspect and verify instruments and equipment, etc. Stable product quality and efficient service support win the trust of many customers, and truly achieve "science to solutions".

Based on the present and looking forward to the future, the company always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "sincere service, quality first, sincere cooperation and common development", adheres to the business philosophy of simpler, more flexible, more flexible, faster response speed, and actively provides customers with more safe, higher quality, more reliable, more efficient, more cost-effective excellent solutions and advanced products, so as to make them more Many users benefit from the convenience and rapidity brought by the world's top instruments and equipment.

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