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Plover Portable TDR Soil Moisture Meter
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Plover is a portable TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) soil moisture meter of moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity. Minimal footprint meter equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy, which can be easily operated by a smartphone in the field. Tiny sensors follow true TDR principle, the upper frequency of the analyzing needle pulse is about 1.5 GHz.  Special designed sensor body with ultimate low heat conductivity avoid the parasite "thermal bridge" effects on distribution of soil moisture in the probe’s sensor vicinity.


TDR(Time Domain Reflectometry)


  • Minimal footprint meter with wireless control
  • True TDR principle with 1.5GHz upper frequency
  • Measurement of soil moisture, temperature and salinity
  • No special maintenance means are required
  • Rechargeable battery and ultra-low power consumption


Soil Moisture Soil Temperature Electrical Conductivity
 Range  0 to 100 % (VWC)  -20℃-50℃  0.000 ~ 1S/m
 Accuracy  ±2%  ±0.5℃  ±10% 在 0.000 ~ 1S/m
 Resolution  0.1%  0.1℃  1 mS/m
 Repeatability  ±0.1% VWC  /  /


 System Operation Parameters Specifications
 Power  Li-Polymer, 2500 mAh, 3.7 VDC (Rechargeable)
 Battery Life  3000 measurements or 182 days of stand-by
 Charging  >0.5 A/5 V micro USB plug charger or power bank
 Temperature  -20°C to +50°C
 Time of test  > 5 sec
 Data Storage  up to 1000000 data set
 Meter Dimensions  180 x 85 x 58 mm
 Weight  200 g
 Detailed Configuration

 Plover- field operated TDR meter - 1 pcs.

 TDR-002 TDR probe for soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity (salinity) - 1 pcs.

 Software and Use Manual file (PDF format) - 1 pcs.

 USB cable & Battery Charger - 1 pcs


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