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PRI-5251e CO2 CH4 N2O H2O Eddy Covariance Measurement System
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       PRI-5251e CO2 CH4 N2O H2O Eddy Covariance Measurement System is a new solution for high-precision, multi-component eddy covariance measurement. The system includes a high-precision, multi-component greenhouse gas analyzer and a 3D ultrasonic anemometer, which is capable of synchronized on-line measurement of the three main greenhouse gases (CO2 N2O CH4), water vapor (H2O) and 3D ultrasonic parameters at a frequency of 10Hz. Ultrasonic parameters, and also has an optional energy balance module; the highly reliable closed-circuit design ensures that the whole system is suitable for high-precision measurements of multi-component greenhouse gas fluxes in harsh environments such as rain, snow, fog, haze, sand and dust. The PRI-5251e CO2 CH4 N2O H2O , the core of the system, is a fully pre- calibrated mid-infrared (MIR) laser spectroscopy gas analyzer, which strengthens the specificity, resolution, accuracy and stability of the analyzed target by the superb absorption of the target gas in the mid-infrared (MIR) band. The smaller measurement chamber is conducive to obtaining higher turnover rates at relatively fast gas flow rates to meet eddy covariance measurement requirements, and also ensures that accurate pressure and temperature control can be obtained, thus improving the stability of the equipment and the accuracy of the data; the scientifically robust anti-vibration and anti-shock design ensures that the instrument can be used for a long period of time in the field; and the fully automated filter auto-replacement module further reduces the The automatic filter replacement module further reduces the difficulty of system maintenance.
       PRI-ECO has been deeply engaged in the field of GHG scientific research and monitoring for 16 years, and has undertaken and participated in major instrument R&D projects granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (twice), the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, etc. PRI-ECO has excellent R&D, design and production capacity of the instruments, and is able to provide a variety of GHG analyzers and spectral isotope analyzers with high, medium and low precision; and has been able to offer technical support and system solutions to our customers in the practice. We have accumulated rich experience in providing technical support and system solutions to our customers. In order to assess the effectiveness of the "Double Carbon" action in China, PREMIUM has the strength to provide "scientific, accurate, complete and systematic" carbon measurement solutions.

Technical principle
       Mid-infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy (MIRLAS)

Product Advantages
  • Closed circuit design for a wide range of measurement environments measurement
  • 10 Hz simultaneous measurement of 3 greenhouse gases and water vapor
  • Mid-infrared super absorption spectrum, no need for high reflectance mirrors
  • Simple structure, stable system, low system drift
  • Passed severe environmental tests, excellent quality and performance
  • Smooth operation and annual maintenance requirement
Performance indicators
Performance Specifications CO2 CH4 N2O H2O
Precision(1σ,0.1s) 0.2 ppm 1 ppb 0.3 ppb 50 ppm
Precision (1σ,1min) 0.05 ppm 0.3 ppb 0.05 ppb 40 ppm
Guaranteed Specifications Range 0-3500 ppm 0-500 ppm 0-500 ppm 0-3%
Drift (over 24 hrs) 0.2 ppm 2 ppb 0.2 ppb -
Data Output Frequency 10 Hz
System Specifications
Measurement Technique Mid-infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy (MIRLAS)
Sample Temperature -10 ~ 45  ℃ (temperature)
Sample Humidity < 99% RH, no condensation
Sample Flow Rate ~ 12 L/min
Outputs USB, RS-232, etc
Power Requirements 110 ~ 230V AC, 200 W at steady state, 250 W start-up
Dimensions 440 mm x 190 mm x 530 mm
Weight 25 kg
* During the continuous upgrade process, the parameters will be adjusted without further notice.

Manufacturer: PRI-ECO, China
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