Climate and Environmental Solutions

Understanding deeper on soil flux, PRI-ECO supplies turnkey solution for researchers. From innovation underground profiling system to smart standalone long-term soil surface flux networking; from remote online solutions to pioneering environmental simulator, PRI-ECO helps you understand better on soil gases research.

Plant Physiology and Ecology

Understanding better on plant and ecology, PRI-ECO starts from simple root growth to complex leaves isotopic photosynthesis; from visualized physical form to microcosmic biological mechanism. PRI-ECO enables scientists dig more value information of plant and ecology.

Soil Moisture Measurement

Soil is a physically and chemically heterogeneous and complex medium, and various field applications may introduce conditions unanticipated during measurement. Knowledge of soil water content is critical for determination of local energy and water balance, transport of applied chemicals to plants and groundwater, irrigation management, and precision farming. In the past several years, TDR has been shown to provide accurate and precise measurements of θ that are relatively insensitive to soil texture and chemistry variations. PRI-ECO offer the most precise, accurate and reliable reflectometer.