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PRI-8610 Potable Soil CO2 Flux System
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PRI-8610 is a new generation portable soil flux system, which includes CO2 H2O senor and portable soil flux Chamber. Onboard temperature and pressure sensors enable real-time environmental condition measurements thus providing true concentration readings and reliable measurement of the target gases in a wide range of locations. Patented pressure balance unit (ZL201420354126.4) minimize wind influence, enable scientists to get more accuracy soil flux data.


Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzers (NDIR)

Key Feather

  • New Generation Portable Soil Flux System
  • Field Replaceable IR Source
  • On-board Barometric Pressure Correction
  • Extensive Temperature Compensation


 CO2 Measurement Range  0~2000 ppm  H2O Measurement Range  0~6%
 CO2 Accuracy  ±2%  H2O Accuracy  ±2%
 CO2 Zero Stability  ±2%(>12 months)  Sampling Rate  1L/min,adjustable
 CO2 Repeatability @ Zero  ±0.3%  Operating Pressure  800 ~ 1150 mbar
 CO2 Repeatability @ Span  ±1.5%  Humidity  <99% R.H,non condensing
 CO2 Zero Drift @ Constant Temp.  ±2%/year  Power Requirements  12-30 V,0.3 A
 CO2 Zero Drift due to Ambient Temp.  ±0.03%/℃  Power Dissipation  15 W
 T90 Response Time:  10s or programmable RC  Battery  Li-battery
 Calibration Frequency  each 12 months  Endurance  8 hrs
 Operating Temperature  -20 ~ 45 °C  Output  USB
Soil Chmaber
 Barometric Pressure Measurement Range  150 ~1150 mbar  Pressure Balance Unit  Patented(ZL201420354126.4)
 Barometric Pressure Precision  2 mbar  Size of Chamber  220 mm (D) x 120 mm (H)
 Soil Temp. Measurement Range  -20 ~ +85 °C  Chamber Volume  3140 cm3
 Soil Temp. Precison  ± 0.2 °C  Covered Area by Chamber  251.5 cm2
 Soil Water Measurement Range  0 ~ 100%  Weight  0.5 kg
 Soil Water Accuracy  ± 3%  PAD  Included


Manufacturer:PRI-ECO, CHINA

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