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PRI-8600 Multiplexed Soil Gas Flux(Community Photosynthesis) System
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Soil respiration is one of the largest and most important carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. The spatial variability of soil respiration is obvious due to the soil heterogeneity. Multicompartmental and multiscale monitoring systems will play an important role in soil respiration research. PRI-8600 is a newly designed automated soil gas flux system suitable for long term multipoint soil flux measurment. Comparing with other brands, PRI-8600 has excellent compatibility and extensibility, it’s easy to combine with different analyzers such as various GHGs and trace gas concentration analyzers, various isotope analyzers and other gas measurements devices.

Standard PRI-8600 includes CO2 H2O analyzer and 8/16 channels with dark or clear chambers for soil gas flux or community photosynthesis research, the patented vents of chambers reduce the effects of both internal pressure of chamber and outside wind interference. As option, the patented dual circulation configuration for minimal interference of subsequent chamber, enables low gas flow analyzer to obtain fastest response. Reserved calibration channels supply another option for scientists to calibrate gas isotope online.   

PRI-8600 is a rugged, weatherproof mechanical design intergated with sophisticated software, flexible chamber configuration with multiple sensor interface, server-based control unit coupled with web APP. The entire system enables scientists to measure soil flux or community photosynthesis with different gases and isotopes. PRI-8600 can be widely used in ecology, agriculture, forestry, fertilizer, frozen soil, seismology, landfill and sewage treatment.

Key Feature

  • Flexiable for chambers and channels selection
  • Options for both dual circulation and calibration
  • Excellent compatibility and extensibility
  • Customized is available (consult on specific requirements)


PRI-8600-8/16 port multiplexer

 Channel  Standard 8/16 channel (customized is acceptable)
 Calibration Channel  3
 Operation  Touch Screen
 Coverage Area  Standard radius 15 m (customized is acceptable)
 Flow Rate  ~4.0 lpm to/from chambers. Control unit to analyzer according to analyzer model
 Sampling Temperature  -10 ~ 45 °C
 Sampling Pressure  50 to 133 kPa
 Sampling Humidity  0-100% R.H, non-condensing
 Fittings  1/4″ Swagelok

8800-1 CO2 H2O analzyer

 CO2 Accuracy  ± 2%
 CO2 Measurement Range  0-5000 ppm
 H2O Precision (Typical)  ± 2%
 H2O Measurement Range  0~100% RH
 Sampling Temperature  -10 ~ 45 °C
 Sampling Pressure  80 ~ 115 kPa
 Sampling Humidity  0-100% R.H, non-condensing
 Fittings  1/4″ Swagelok

8600-2012 Long-Term Chambers(Stabdard)

 Chamber Dimensions  220mm(D) x 120mm(H), customized chamber is acceptable
 Chamber Volume  3750 cm3
 Soil Area Exposed  315 cm2
 Air temperature Range  -40 ~ +85 °C
 Air temperature Pricesion  ± 0.2 °C
 Cable length  15 m (Special request is acceptable)
 Dimensions  440 mm(L) x 260 mm(W) x 260 mm(H)
 Weight  7.5 Kg

PRI-1000 Long-Term Chambers(Clear)

 Chamber Volume  90500 cm3
 Soil Area Exposed  1936 cm2
 Air temperature Range  -40 ~ +85 °C
 Air temperature Pricesion  ± 0.2 °C
 Cable length  15 m (Special request is acceptable)
 Dimensions  500 mm(L) x 500 mm(L) x 400 mm(H)
 Weight  20 kg

8600-201 Soil Temperature Sensor

 Range  -40 ~ +85 °C
 Pricesion  ± 0.2 °C
 Cable length  15m

8600-202 Soil Moisture Sensor

 Range  0 ~ 100 %
 Pricesion  ± 3 %
 Cable length  15 m

AMBA i3211 CO2 Isotope analyzer

 δ13C Precision(1σ)  <0.5‰ (1σ) @ 0.25s
 <0.3‰ (1σ) @ 1s
 <0.08‰ (1σ) @ 60s
 <0.05‰ (1σ) @ 300s
 COMeasurement Range  0-10000 ppm
 Measurement Frequency  4Hz or 1Hz
 Sample Flowrate  15 mL/min;5 mL/min
 Cavity Volume  0.1 mL
 Sampling Temperature  -10 ~ 45 °C
 Mini Vacuum Pump Flowrate  100 sccm@50 Torr
 Sampling Pressure  50 ~ 133 kPa
 Sampling Humidity  0-100% R.H, non-condensing
 Calibration  Automatic online calibration
 Outputs  Digital (RS-232),Ethernet, USB
 Fittings  1/8″ Swagelok
 Dimensions  48 cm(W)× 80 cm(D)× 47.5 cm(H)
 Weight  25 kg
 Power Requirements  100-240VAC,50/60 Hz,<350 W(start-up), 200 W (stable)


8800-1 CO2 H2O analyzer;

PRI-8600-8/16-port multiplexer;

8600-2012(built-in 8600-201 and 8600-202);

8600-1000(built-in 8600-201 and 8600-202)


AMBA i3211 CO2 isotope analyzer

AP2E ProCeas CO2 CH4 NH3 N2O H2O analyzer


Nagqu, Tibet (Altitude >4450m)

Qilian Mountain (Altitude >3200m)

Xilinhot Inner Mongolia

Manufacturer: PRI-ECO

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