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PRI-8350 Underground Online CO2 Isotope Profile Continuous Measurement System
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Soil respiration is one of the largest and most important carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. Surface flux research can not discover entire soil biochemistry processes. Undergrand gas reaserch will help us understand better on soil gas migration and soil biochemistry processes. PRI-8350 is a newly designed automated underground soil isotopic CO2 profile measurement system, suitable for long term multilevel soil flux measurments.

Standard PRI-8350 includes AMBA i3211w isotopic CO2 analyzer, 6 sampling channels with simi-permeable membrane gas exchange module, and 3 standard gas channels for calibration. Innovative simi-permeable membrane design can minimize sampling error caused by soil heterogeneity. Scientific and sophisticated gas exchange module also minimizes sampling interference within the soil. The AMBA i3211w makes use of duplicated detection cavities to improve response time and flexibility. Dual cavity measurements enable optimization for different concentrations simultaneously. One Cavity is optimized for a measurement range of 0-10,000ppm CO2 whilst the other cavity is optimized for up to 50,000ppm CO2. The breakthrough cavity volume of i3211w is less than 0.1ml. Ultra-small cavity enables fast sample turnover rates with low sample volume requirements, minimal interference of subsequent level soil, results in closed path measurement achieved.

PRI-8350 is a rugged, weatherproof mechanical design intergated with a large dynamic measurement range and dual measurements for both gas concentration and isotope, which can be used for various soil research. The system can be widely used in the fields of ecology, agriculture, forestry, fertilizer, permafrost, plant rhizosphere physiology and ecology.

Key Feature

  • Innovative membrane gas exchange technology
  • Dual measurements for both gas concentration and isotope
  • Dual cavity for lower/higher 10,000ppm CO2
  • 0~5% large dynamic measurement range
  • No disturb on soil internal gas circulation metabolism
  • Continuous sampling and minimal interference


 CO2 Range  0~5%
 CO2 Precision  <80 ppb or 0.01% of range
 δ13C Precision (1σ)  <0.3‰ (1σ) @ 1s;<0.08‰ (1σ) @ 60s;<0.05‰ (1σ) @ 300s
 H2O Range  0~100%
 Interval  4Hz or 1Hz
 Rise-Fall(10-90%,90-10%)  15 mL/min;5 mL/min
 Channals  6 (standard), customizable
 Calibration Channals  3 x1m, customizable
 Sampling Tube  1 m(standard) for each channal,customizable
 Sampling Temp.  -10 ~ 45 °C
 Sampling Flowrate  1 mL/min@760 Torr
 Sampling Pressure  300 ~ 1000 Torr(40 ~ 133 kPa) 
 Operating Temp.  -10 ~ 50°C;-30 ~ 50°C
 Power Requirements  150 W, 110~220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
 Dimensions  48 x 80 x 47.5 cm(analyzer); 48 x 80 x 47.5 cm (multiplexer)
 Weight  25 kg(analyzer); 20 kg(multiplexer)

Note:All specifications are believed to be correct at the time of publication, PRI-ECO does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. Due to our continuous product development all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Manufacturer: PRI-ECO

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