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PRI-8650 Distributed Soil CO2 Flux System
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Soil respiration is one of the largest and most important carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. The spatial variability of soil respiration is obvious due to the soil heterogeneity. Multicompartmental and multiscale monitoring systems will play an important role in soil respiration research. Smart, real-time, low-cost, and distributed soil respiration monitoring is essential for understanding and managing rapidly changing ecosystems. PRI-8650 is a newly designed,Internet of Things (IoT) techniques based distributed soil gas flux system.

Comparing with conventional multiplexer coupled soil respiration system, each chamber of PRI-8650 is a standalone node, has full fouciton to measure soil flux, can be connected via wireless networks. Simultaneous synchronous measurement enables system to get more times data and more valuable data.

PRI-8600 is a rugged, weatherproof mechanical design intergated CO2 sensor with sophisticated software, battery, solar panel,wireless module. The system could be widely used in ecology, agriculture, forestry, fertilizer, frozen soil, seismology, landfill and sewage treatment.

Key Feature

  • loT interconnected soil flux system
  • Simultaneous synchronous measurement
  • Real-time cloud data storage and backup
  • Fault diagnosis and controlled remotely


  Analyzer Models
 8650-1  8650-2  8650-3
 CO2 Range  0~5000 ppm

 0 to 0.2%/0.3%/0.5%/1%/3%

 CO2 Accuracy  ±30 ppm ±3% of reading  2% of reading  2% of reading
 CH4 Range  -  -  0~100%
 CH4 Accuracy  -  -  2% of reading
 RH Range  0~100%  0~100%  0~100%
 RH Precision  ±2%  ±2%  ±2%
 Air Temp. Range  0~90℃  0~90℃  0~90℃
 Air Temp. Precision  0.2℃  0.2℃  0.2℃
 Interval  0.5 s  1 s  1 s 
 Gas Response(T90)  2 s  10 s  10 s
 Soil Temp. Range  -40~85℃
 Soil Temp. Precision  0.2℃
 Soil Moisture Range  0~100%
 Soil Moisture Percision  3%,2%(calibration)
 Node expansion capacity  LAN network >65 thousand nodes
 Sampling Temp.  -10 ~ 50 °C
 Sampling Flowrate  0.5 mL/min@760 Torr 
 Operating Temp.  -10~50°C;-30~50°C
 Dimensions  55 x 26 x 26 cm
 Weight  18 kg(including solar panels)
 Power Requirements  20 W;12~24 V


1) Other sensors such as CO2,CH4,NH3,VOC and so on are optional.

2) Rental cloud services is not included.

Manufacturer: PRI-ECO

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