PRI-2012/2012cl/2012mLong-Term Chambers(Standard)
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     Soil Respiratory Chamber (SRC) is a device for collecting and measuring air from soil. It can monitor CO2flux online for a long time and continuously. The dynamic pressure balance design of soil respiration chamber can maximize the simulation of real environment. The total weight of the soil respiration system is about 5.0Kg. It is equipped with portable handles and can be carried easily. At the same time, the system can also be used to study atmospheric CO2and water vapor profiles. It can also study the correlation between environmental changes and soil CO2fluxes by connecting other environmental sensors (such as solar radiation, soil temperature and soil moisture sensors). Special dynamic pressure balance design can maximize the real environment to achieve long-term, continuous working structure compact, small size, light weight, easy to carry curve design, good waterproof and dust-proof effect, suitable for field measurement of aviation plugs, fast, safe, accurate hand-held equipment (mobile phones, flat plates) remote operation, convenient and scientific.

Technical parameter
  • chamber type: transparent (aluminium alloy)/opaque (acrylic)
  • overall shape size: 44 (L)26 (W) 26 (H) cm
  • working mode: controllable automatic switching
  • measuring mode: dynamic pressure balance flow measurement
  • driving mode: stepping motor driving
  • controlling mode: single chip computer controlling
  • chamber size: 20 (D) * 13 (H) cm Need to adjust the chamber height)
  • chamber volume: 4000cm3(customizable)
  • bottom area: 315cm2(customizable)

Manufacturer: PRI-ECO, China